dimland radio 6-11-16 show notes

A Bit Bummed

I dropped my favorite app the other day. I figured out that my MLB.TV app was costing 25 bucks a month, not a year. Even though I am quite a baseball fan, that is just way too much to be spending.
There is an option to pay for the whole season up front for a hundred bucks. Perhaps I'll do that next season.
Until then I'll just have to catch ballgames whenever I can and be a little bummed.

Pedantic Moment: Enbridge Energy Ad

Oh, it's supposed to be cute and it is, but someone was unclear on the concept. Watch this ad:
The ad tells viewers that this kid had spent two weeks trying to master a trick, in this case a variation of the Cups & Balls trick. However, the ad shows us a kid who seems to think all he has to do is wave his magic wand and the ball will disappear. That's not how the trick works.
Where'd he get his magic books? Flourish and Blotts?
DNA Testing People's Ancestry

There is something very appealing about having my DNA tested to see where I come from. To see my ancestral background. Watch this video by Momondo:

I was surprised by the xenophobic attitude prevalent in the first part of this video. My suspicion is that the people were encouraged to make such statements. In fact, there is the question, "Think about other countries and other nationalities in the world. Are there any that you don't feel you get on with, you won't like, particularly?"
Objection! Leading the witness!
It feels as though the viewers are being manipulated. And, of course, they are. By the end, the participants are nervous and find out they are related to those same nationalities they thought they wouldn't get on with. Interesting. Could the participants be actors?
I would have answered no to the question asked about not getting on with people from different countries. And, being an American, I guess I'm more accustomed to the idea that I'm a mutt, if you will, made up of all sorts of ancestors from other countries and nationalities. So, I would be excited for the results, not nervous.
After all, we are all Africans. Follow human development far enough back and we arrive at Africa.
Watch these two Momondo videos. Please make note of the last question asked in these two as well as the video linked above:
One thing I didn't mention on the show, but I will next week in a follow up. I noticed that  it's the same question. And mean the exact same question. As in, the presenter asks the question once and that same question in edited in to each video. The question is, "So, would you like to travel to all of these places?"
I wonder why that question would be at the end of each of these inspirational videos. Hmm. Could it have anything to do with the fact that Momondo is an online travel agency?!
Remember what Ralphie said when he discovered the truth about the secret messages from the Little Orphan Annie radio show...
As I stated up top, there is something very appealing to having my DNA tested to determine my ancestry. However, that's not how DNA really works.

Click here to read what science has to say about this whole fad.

Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling Or Whatever

There's a group at my son's school. It's a sanctioned by the school group sort of like the chess club or AV club, you know what I mean. This group is called GLOW.
"The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling?" I asked incredulously.
"No. It's Gay Lesbian Or Whatever."
"Or whatever? Well, that's everybody, isn't it? That's not a very exclusive club."

Speaking Of Dad And The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

I told a couple stories that were related to each other in that there were depictions of nasty injuries. One was from that women's wrestling program in which there was an incident of a wrestler having her elbow dislocated and the multiple replays of the injury.
The other was of Joe Theismann, quarterback for the Washington Redskins, breaking his leg in a game. It was a nasty break and the video of it also got replayed very many times. My dad to advantage of that to tease me and my somewhat squeamish nature.
Movie Recommendation: None

I didn't have time, so you are on your own again. I will try harder to get to one next time.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Astronomy' by Red Guitars & 'Let's Get Married' by The Celibate Rifles
Second ad break bumpers: 'Knight Moves' by Suzanne Vega & 'C'est Comme Ca' by Les Rita Mitsouko
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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