dimland radio 6-18-16 show notes

DNA And Travel Agency Follow-up

If you read last week's show notes, you'll see that I addressed another problem with those "DNA Journey" videos: The fact they are sponsored by a travel agency. That explains why each video I shared last week ends with one of the presenters asking, " So, would you like to travel to all of these places?"
Just another series of crummy commercials.

Another Mass Shooting

This time it took place in Orlando, FL. An insane person went into the nightclub and killed 49 club-goers and wounded 53 others. Law enforcement killed the alleged assailant.
The country reels again and, again, sends thoughts and prayers, but chances are our government will get all gridlocked and not end up doing much. However, even well-known conservatives, namely Bill O'Reilly and Gretchen Carlson, are calling for a ban on assault rifles. Liberals are stunned and think the world is coming to an end.

And, of course, the conspiracy theorists are in their heaven claiming the whole thing is a false flag operation so Obama can take yer guuuuns. What color is the sky in their world? Fortunately, Caitlyn Dewey of the Washington Post has rounded up some answers from the reporters on the scene.
Just as was the case in the last four or five mass shootings that occurred while Dimland Radio was a thing, I wish I had the magic answer. I don't...
Like everyone else, I just hope there isn't a next time. And, like everyone else, I just know there's going to be a next time.
Facebook Memes Round-Up

A plethora of memes have been showing up on the social media that are related to this latest shooting. I gave my take on the four you see below...
Does this mean the 1st Amendment doesn't cover television, movies, the internet, cell phones, etc.?
Replace "right to own a gun" with "right to free speech" or "right to due process". Seems less profound, doesn't it?
Cameron Esposito assumes correctly, the Constitution occasionally does need updates. Those updates are called amendments and there are 27 of them.

Islam is not a country. You dumbass.
Boy. You make One Comment On A Grossly Over-priced Jacket...

Call me naive, but I thought I was on pretty safe ground when I posted a comment on Facebook about the Armani designer jacket recently worn by Hillary Clinton. She wore it to the rally after she won the New York Democrat primary. The jacket either cost $7,500 or $12,500 dollars and it looked like shit.
Not even Halle Berry or George Clooney could make this jacket look good.

I disparaged the jacket, not Ms Clinton. Any jacket costing that much money ought to make the wearer look like a million bucks. But, NO ONE could have worn that grade school art teacher's smock and look good. NO ONE!
I thought I hadn't made a terribly controversial observation. I was wrong. There were a few commenters who seemed to accuse me of sexism because I didn't realize how tough it is for women to decide on attire for such important events. I didn't realize how scrutinized women are in what they wear by the public. I also didn't provide balance by commenting on Trump's attire.
Well, men wear suits. A suit is a suit is a suit. None the male candidates were dressing like Doc Severinsen or Paul Schaffer, both known for their flamboyant suits. If any were, then I might comment. But the suits are bland. Trump's ties are OK, but his major fashion problem is that insane comb-over. I suggested he shave his head and rock the Lex Luthor look.
And if women are more heavily scrutinized for their sartorial choices, or rather their handlers' choices, I would agree that isn't fair. But that doesn't mean that wasn't one grossly over-priced, ugly jacket. I had to reiterate that my original comment was about the jacket and its price, not about Ms Clinton.

I wonder how those who were taking me to the woodshed for commenting on Hillary's clothes would have reacted had Donald Trump worn something equally extravagant and equally hideous. Hmmm. I wonder...
But, before the implied sexism in the comments, came a lengthy discussion on the veracity of Snopes.com. A fellow skeptic and Facebook friend posted a link to a Snopes article on the jacket. That prompted a less skeptical friend to claim, "Snopes is fake." Well, my skeptical friend wasn't going to let that slip by, so he challenged the Snopes is fake claimant to back up his claim.
That's when my not very skeptical friend turned into a troll. He wasn't going to back up his claim. He was too busy and the information is out there. He essentially said we "big S" skeptics were knee-jerk naysayers who would only say, "Prove it!" to the people making claims.
Well, yeah. You made a claim, buddy. The person making the claim has the burden of proof, not those skeptical of the claim.
My skeptical FB friend and I both provided sources that supported the fact the Snopes is a good source for solid information. They cite their sources in their articles. They make updates and corrections. They do their research.
That's when my troll friend backed down a bit from claiming Snopes was fake to claiming the site was liberally biased. So what? Are the facts the facts?
My friend was being a troll and I told him so. I also told him I expected better from him.

Movie Recommendation: None

I didn't have time, so you are on your own again. I promise to suggest a movie next week.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Insect Mother' by Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians & 'For A Moment We're Strangers' by The Church
Second ad break bumpers: 'Since Your Gone' by The Cars & 'Night Time' by Killing Joke
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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