dimland radio 4-15-17 show notes

Not Talk About Meh Beer On This Show

I started the show by promising I would not mention the whole beer thing again. No mention of Rolling Rock or pilsners or Summit Extra Pale Ale or my boss getting me meh beer. That was my promise to my listeners and, to my readers, I make the same promise:

There will be no mention of the things I mentioned in the preceding paragraph anywhere in this entire post. No one mention.

This space has been intentionally left blank. 

A Sliver Of Slack

Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, suffered "foot in mouth" disease when he mentioned Hitler and chemical weapons when saying what a bad guy the President of Syria is and that Russia shouldn't align themselves with him. But he made the mistake of bringing up Hitler and he was wrong. Hitler and the Nazis were using chemical weapons in the genocide attempted during the Holocaust.

My slack was given because Spicer was right to shame Russia for backing such an evil guy. But, as I said, just a sliver.

Why Didn't Hitler Use Chemical Weapons In Battle? 

Well, there is some indication there was, at least, one use of chemical weapons against Soviet troops and civilians in 1942. But why didn't the Germans use chemical weapons during the Allied Invasion on D-Day?

According to Hermann Goering, it was because of horses. The Germans used horses extensively to transport equipment. This was due to the low supplies of gasoline. The Germans couldn't come up with a gas mask that the horses would tolerate, so they didn't use chemical weapons on D-Day.

This means that had the Nazis figured out how to make a gas mask that horses didn't mind wearing, the invasion would have gone much differently, possibly even fail.

There are other speculations about the Nazi's reluctance to use chemical weapons in this interesting article on FactCheck.org.
SNL, Louis CK, Tig Notaro, And A Party Clown
A recent episode of Saturday Night Live had host Louis CK in a skit in which he hires a children's party clown to come to his house and entertain him. Just him. That's the first joke of the skit and I just ruined it for you. Sorry.

But, fellow comedian Tig Notaro had already made a short film using the same premise. And in her earlier version, she too ruins the first joke by saying upfront to the clown gig booker that the clown is just for her.

Notaro's version is much longer than SNL's by about 10 minutes. Still the similarities are undeniable. The material does appear to have been ripped off by SNL. However, I think SNL's is the funnier of the to sketches

This site has links to both sketches. You decide which is funnier. 

A Modern Pterosaur Expert?
Pterosaurs were flying reptiles from the age of dinosaurs and have been extinct for tens of millions of years. But there is a modern pterosaur expert who has taken to the internet to expose the truth that the beasts yet live! Well, they did during the American Civil War anyway.

Now, I'm not certain if this fellow is a Poe and is putting us all on. He seems to be on the level, though. His website has an "Official Announcement of a Joint Declaration." He, a modern pterosaur expert and a missile defense physicist agreed, by phone, that an old photograph of Union soldiers posing with a dead pterosaur is authentic.

The "expert" says another photograph alleging the same think is a hoax, but the one he touts is the real thing.

Well, I went over a few problems I had with his real thing. 

Movie Recommendation: Fail Safe (1964)

With the recent bombings carried out by the Trump Administration and everyone on edge about the impending nuclear war, I thought a nice movie about a miscommunication between American Strategic Defense and a US Air Force bomber squadron, leading to the President and the US Defense Department's desperate attempt to avert an unintended nuclear attack against Moscow would put my listeners' minds at ease. I'm such a stinker.

Directed by Sidney Lumet and starring Henry Fonda as the President, Fail Safe has many similarities to Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove. However, Fail Safe isn't a satire. It's deadly serious. And very thought-provoking.
Music heard on the show...

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Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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