dimland radio 11-18-17 show notes

I Turned 53 This Week (Astrologers, Put Your Charts Away)

I call it a milestone age: 53. I explain why after talking about the TV comedy Barney Miller. The show was pretty damn good and still is.
The connection of the show and my age has to do with the actor Abe Vigoda.
Pedantic Moment: Geico Casual Friday At Buckingham Palace

Geico has about three or four dozen ads on radio and TV, some of them are pretty clever. But there's one that shows one of those Buckingham Palace guards (you know the sort: Big furry hat, stand absolutely still, shows no emotion, etc) being relieved by a rather sloppily dressed fellow. You see, it's Casual Friday.

Funny, right? Well, not to this pedant.

There Is That Funny Ad By Progressive

Much like Geico, Progressive Insurance has many, many ads. Geico and Progressive must have massive advertising budgets. They might be able to charge lower premiums if they weren't spending so much to advertise.
There is one ad in particular that is very funny. It's the one that plays like a soap opera featuring Susan Lucci.

I'm Done With Sargon Of Akkad

There's a whole lot of difficult people on the internets. Trolls and others who just can't play nice with others. I try to stay out of the fray between YouTube atheists and skeptics over social justice and feminism and anti-feminism that has been boiling away for quite some time now.
I've watched videos, read opinion pieces, and listened to both sides SJW/Alt-Right/Nazi/Feminist arguments. I find reason and unreason on both sides. I try to side with the facts and treating people with respect and kindness.
Sargon of Akkad has been one of the more visible and controversial voices tending to call the SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) on what he thinks is their bullshit. I haven't done a deep dive on his stuff, but I've watched a few of his videos.
I might agree with him on this, disagree on that, but I haven't heard anything that I've thought crossed the line. He gets close, but nothing I'd heard him say made say, "That's it, pal. We're done."
Then came Mythcon a convention held earlier this year. I'm not exactly certain what Mythcon is, but it's a convention and it raised a few eyebrows by inviting Sargon and others in his camp to appear. Speakers decided not to attend due to how controversial these fellows (they are mostly middle-class, white males) are.
Sargon was interviewed before an audience that contained more than a few of his fans. The interviewer was Thomas Smith and he asked Sargon to confirm his statement made to a politician who is a woman who had been sexually assaulted. The statement to her was, "I wouldn't even rape you."
That's when I said, "That's it, pal! We're done!"
I go into a little more about my reaction to Sargon's assholery.

Top Three Cool Things Of The Week

Here are the Top Three Cool Things from this week.

3) Sure, I turned 53. Yep. Same age as Abe Vigoda at the premiere of Barney Miller. That's right. I'm old. But it's a birthday. A trip around the sun completed, another begun. That's cool.

2) At the Stuck in the 80s blog it was XTC week. I got to promote one of my favorite bands for a whole week. Somehow the first and last installments didn't get posted, I wrote six in all, but still. Four is pretty cool.
I wrote about the following songs:

Love On A Farmboy's Wages
1) I will be the guest on Minnesota Atheist Talk Radio. My friend Maddy will being interviewing me. It should be pretty cool. And fun.
Movie Recommendation: The Iceman (2012)
Millennium Entertainment
Based on a true story, The Iceman introduces us to Richard Kuklinski (played by Michael Shannon), a quiet but menacing man who has no qualms about killing. He becomes a hitman for a local mob boss (Ray Liotta), a job he keeps from his wife (Winona Ryder) and their daughters.
It's a fascinating looks at a man's violent life. The film gets a bit violent, of course, and there is a scene showing part of the process of dealing with dead bodies that fairly disturbing. It may be on the brutal side, but if you enjoy true crime movies, I recommend this one.
It is streaming on Netflix.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Earn Enough For Us' & 'Dear God' by XTC
Second ad break bumpers: 'I Bought Myself A Liar Bird' & 'No Language In Our Lungs' by XTC
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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