dimland radio 11-25-17 show notes

Revisiting A Goof

My appearance on Atheist Radio last Sunday had me thinking of turning the clock back a few years and talk about a mistake I made on the show. It was back in the days when Dimland Radio was live. I got all excited about a story about lost episodes of Doctor Who having been found in TV signals that had somehow bounced back to earth.
I did not vet the story well enough beforehand and while I was telling the tale I noticed that the story was a couple years old. Hold on? Can this be right was my reaction.
When I went of the air I looked into the story. It turned out the story was an April Fools joke played by the BBC.
I learned that I need to be much more careful with stories I talk about on my program.
A Little More Fake News

I once again went down that path of looking as though I'm defending the President of the United States. I'm not defending him as much as I am defending the truth. When the big solar eclipse made its way across the States, the President glanced at the sun. But so many headlines on the internet said he stared at the sun. A glance is not a stare.
Well, Seth Meyers just this past Monday in one of his A Closer Look segments made the stare at the eclipse joke. Twice. Meyers decries Trump for dismissing news he doesn't like as fake news and then lies about the glance at the sun, which is what? It's fake news.

Dimland Radio Science Zero: "Mad" Mike Hughes

Limo driver and daredevil "Mad" Mike Hughes announced that he would jump a California ghost town, Amboy, in a steam-powered rocket he made himself. He was supposed to make the jump earlier today, but Big Government stepped in and said he couldn't. Go figure.

But, I'm not naming him a Science Zero because he may have a death wish. Nope. He is getting this honor due to him being a flat earther and science denier.

It's Just Water. Very, Very Expensive Water
During the late night TV ad breaks, I often see products advertised that make very dubious claims. The latest is a product called Nerve Pain Away which is being marketed to people who suffer from nerve pain due to diabetes. The ad says the spray is "all natural" and homeopathic.

The "all natural" feature is just an advertising buzz word. It really doesn't mean anything. It's meant to suggest that if it's natural it's good and it's safe. Well, bird shit is all natural as well.

And it's homeopathic. If it really is homeopathic, prepared in proper homeopathic fashion, then it's just water. Homeopathic "medicines" are so dilute that the chance of even a molecule of the active ingredient is zero.

It's expensive water, too. I guessed that the bottle is maybe two ounces worth of the miracle water. They are selling a bottle for $20. If it is only two ounces and they were to sell a 20 ounce bottle of it (you know, the size of a bottled water you'd get at a convenience store), it would cost $200!

That's pretty spendy and it's just water!

Top Three Cool Things Of The Week

Here are the Top Three Cool Things from this week.

3) As I watched "A Face In The Crowd" (see this week's movie recommendation) my name was in the movie twice. First in the opening credits, James Fitzsimons (spelled with one "M" in Fitzsimons) was the assistant cameraman. And later in the movie as part of the closing credits of a TV show being shown as part of the story. The name was spelled James Fitzsimmons and as it is seen the TV announcer says the name.

2) Thanksgiving is always a good time and this year it was good. It was a bit sad because Amy's side of the family is getting smaller. But it was cool to have those remaining to get together to be together and remember those we've lost.
1) It was my wife's birthday this week (astrologers, put your charts away).
Movie Recommendation: A Face In The Crowd (1957)
Warner Brothers
I gotta admit I'm not sure I really like this movie. Well, I guess I liked it, but I didn't care for the main character. I found him to be way too obnoxious to buy his rocketing to superstardom. Still I found it a fascinating study of a drifter who's a simple "country boy" with a plain-speaking attitude who gets corrupted by fame, money, and power.
Directed by Elia Kazan, it stars Andy Griffith, Patricia Neal, and Walter Matthau.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'This Charming Man' by The Smiths & 'Here In My House' by 54-40
Second ad break bumpers: 'Erica's Word' by Game Theory & 'Start!' by The Jam
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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