dimland radio 5-26-18 show notes

The Streisand Effect

I started the show talking about the Streisand Effect and what the phrase means. I was laying the groundwork for suggesting that the NFL's kneeling during the National Anthem policy might get more kneeling and not less.

NFL Doesn't Know What It's Doing

Players can stay in the locker room during the playing of the National Anthem, but if they are on the field they better stand to attention. If they should kneel there will be penalties and fines. That's the new policy of the NFL meant to deal with players kneeling in protest during the Anthem. Maybe this will stop the kneeling, but I think it might actually anger the players and they'll kneel out of spite of the rule.
The League should have just said, "Hey, it's a free country. They can kneel if they want." Things might have petered out, but with all this policy-making it's just extended the life of the gesture.
But I could be wrong.

Sometimes I Choose To Live In A Different Reality

Kim Davis, the anti-gay marriage lady has written a book. MSN.com ran an article  abut her new book. The headline for the article suggested a reality I'd rather live in, so I didn't read the article in order to keep from ruining that reality.
I'll link to the article, but take my advice: Don't read past the headline. Life will be more funner that way.
A Dimland ARRGH!: "Perfect"
The word "perfect" seems to have become today's "awesome". And, although the trend is more assuming to me than an ARRGH!, this ad definitely annoys me.
A 19th Century Battle Between A Scientist And A Flat-Earther
I thought I'd tell the tale of 19th scientist Alfred Russel Wallace accepting a challenge to demonstrate that the earth is round. The flat-earther, John Hampden, offered 500 pounds to whoever could prove it. Wallace took him up on the challenge.
On March 5, 1870, Wallace proved the earth is a sphere. Hampden lost the bet and Wallace got the money. And a huge headache that lasted about 20 years.
I got my info for an article in Skeptic Magazine. You can click here to find the article. It's part of a special section of the magazine that focused on Wallace, the co-discoverer of Natural Selection.
And Then There Were Eight
Six more families of Sandy Hook shooting victims have filed lawsuits against shit-stain Alex Jones, the blowhard conspiracy monger who has earn millions of dollars off spreading misinformation about Sandy Hook and other similar events. He claimed the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax and there were no victims and the families and friends are actors.
So, with these six families that makes eight suing Jones, plus an FBI agent has also filed a suit against the false-flag claiming asshole.
Hey. He had it coming.
Three Cool Things
3) There are plenty of strange and scary sounds in the wild. Those sounds come from sources that aren't so strange. Here are two lynx making some very strange noises. When you hear a strange sound in the woods, it might be a lynx or fox or elk. Think those animals before you think bigfoot.
2) I stumbled upon an 1979 episode of the British TV documentary series South Bank featuring Talking Heads. Very cool!
1) Baseball on Facebook!!!

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