dimland radio 5-19-18 show notes

I Make A Clarification

Last week, while I was talking about it being a bad idea to have America's National Motto "In God We Trust" displayed in public schools (it's also a bad idea to have that as our National Motto), I speculated as to what was the prayer that was said in public schools, before the Supreme Court ruled school prayer was unconstitutional. I thought it was The Lord's Prayer, but I wasn't certain.

I looked into it, but I couldn't find that there was a specific prayer, except in New York where their school students recited what was know as The Regents Prayer.

That doesn't mean The Lord's Prayer wasn't said in any schools, but I couldn't find an answer. If you know, drop me a line. drdim@dimland.com

Yanny Or Laurel

Sure, I talked about the unusual sound sensation that's been sweeping the nation. As another example of how we need to be suspect of our senses (remember the blue/black or white/gold dress?), I talked about what happened when some high school kids looked up the word "laurel" on vocabulary.com and played the pronunciation audio file. To some it sounded like yanny, not laurel. They posted their discovery online and within days loads of people are arguing over what they hear.

It seems that people who can hear higher frequencies hear yanny, while the lower frequency folks hear laurel. The hosts of the podcast Squaring The Strange discuss this phenomenon and this site has plenty of audio links to see how the pitch affects what we hear.

I hear yanny most of the time. This is odd since I have old ears, which don't hear the higher frequencies the way they used to. Perhaps I was primed to hear yanny. It's weird.
Alert! Alert! Black People Are Having A Picnic! Call The Police!

Some white people, I tell ya.
One white woman decided to die on the hill of stopping some black folks using a charcoal grill in a lake park's no charcoal grill section. Oh, the humanity! Did race play a part? I don't know, but the woman was being awfully petty.

The wife of one of the scofflaw grillers confronted the woman and the woman just wouldn't back down. She was pot committed, as the kids say. The wife, also a white woman, took video, in the landscape format, of the confrontation and that video provided the internet with plenty of meme making opportunities.
I think the complainer should have realized there are bigger problems in the world and minded her own business, even though she was technically correct. The picnickers were violating the rules of the park. But, come on.
I mentioned a few of the memes I saw. They were mostly pretty good and some were quite funny, but I think this one (below) is brilliant. No, it doesn't use the complaining woman, but it's turn about situation is great social commentary.
A Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: That Cartoon Is Just A Demo

This Round-Up (Ahhh! Monsanto! AAAAHHHHHH!!) ad needed to be clear that the cartoon showing how to use this weedkiller is a demonstration. Really? A drawing isn't the actual thing? Huh. Do tell.
Movie Recommendation: Mother! (2017)

This biblical allegory written and directed by Darren Aronofsky didn't do well with a general audience. They may have found it too confusing and frustrating. I think it's supposed to be. We are supposed to inhabit Jennifer Lawrence's character (in fact, the camera rarely moves more than two feet from he face or back of her head) and she is confused and frustrated throughout the film.
Her much-older-than-her husband (Javier Bardem) is a poet who has been suffering from writer's block, while she restores His home which had been heavily damaged by fire. People just show up to the house and take over and the husband welcomes them.
There's comes a time of calm and inspiration when the husband regains His writing ability from news given to Him by His young wife. A new work of poetry is written and sent out to the world.
Then the world descends upon their house...
Three Cool Things
3) The yanny/laurel phenomenon is pretty cool and I think this image, inspired by the debate, is also pretty damn cool.
2) My wife and son gave me this VHS tape (yep, we have a working VCR) of the official MLB review of the MN Twins' 1991 World Championship season. Cool!!!
1) And in the video, is something very super cool: The Twins could actually beat the Hated Yankees!

It's been such a long time since...
Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Saved By Zero' by The Fixx & 'Candyman' by Siouxsie & The Banshees
Second ad break bumpers: 'One Step Ahead' by Split Enz & 'Requiem' by Killing Joke
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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