dimland radio 5-12-18 show notes

It's Not True: Blucher Does Not Mean Glue
At the end of last week's show I blurted out that in the classic comedy Young Frankenstein Cloris Leachman's character name means glue in German. I had heard that not-a-factoid recently on the Dana Gould Hour podcast. I didn't verify and friend of the show, Michael, clued me in on it being a myth. There is no German word meaning glue, either a noun or a verb, that is in any way close to Blucher.
US Code, Title 36, Subtitle 1, Part A, Chapter 3, Subsection 301

I am not easily offended, but I am easily annoyed. And I find it very annoying to see people at sporting events standing with their hands over their hearts during the singing of God Bless America. According to the US Code, American citizens are to do that during the playing of our National Anthem - The Star-Spangled Banner. God Bless America is not our National Anthem, people!

I expressed that annoyance on the Facebook and someone attempted to tell me I was wrong. As if! When have I ever been wrong? Oh. Right. The Frau Blucher thing.
In the course of that social media discussion, I was a bit sloppy and I was called on it. I eventually set things straight by not attempting to paraphrase and just quoted directly from the Code. That went better. I need to be more clear.
However, there is one argument that, if made, I would concede the whole thing. Did someone make me concede?
The Thin Edge Of The Wedge

Can someone explain to me what it is with some Republicans and their obsession with getting their god back into the public schools? It's really quite disturbing how some feel it's fine to exclude certain students in the name of tolerance (and promotion) of the majority's religion.
Well, they say, "God" can be any god, not just ours (wink, wink).
Oh, really? Does that include those religions that worship multiple gods?
This all stems from Minnesota State Sentator Dan Hall's legislation that would allow public schools to install privately funded displays of the National Motto (it really shouldn't be our motto) In God We Trust. It's so good to know that all the other problems have been solved, because our state senate can spend its time figuring out how to combine Church and Sate. At least, the legislation doesn't mandate the display. Oh, Minnesota is so progressive!
This legislation is the thin end of the wedge to get kids saying the Lord's Prayer in school so things can be great again the way it was in the Senator's day. He even says it's a "good start."
I'm an atheist. My wife is an atheist. Our son is an atheist and he's in the public school system. Why, Senator Hall, do you want to exclude us?
A Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: Taking Your Guns And Tombstone Meme

I know, for a Pedantic Moment I really ought to have everything straight, but I didn't have the image of the meme available, so I didn't get the wording exactly right, but I had the gist of it correct. Good enough. (You try to do an hour long show!)
As you can see, the meme above is an anti-gun control message. The person who made it used a gun protestor's admission of wanting to take guns away from law-abiding Americans to give their response. Their response was shown by using an image of Doc Holliday (Val Kilmer) from the film Tombstone. Sort of, "Oh, yeah? Well, just try and take 'em."
Except. In the movie, just prior to the big gunfight at the OK corral, what was it Doc and the Earp brothers came to take from Ike Clanton and his gang? Hmmmmm?
The Clairvoyant's Clients Are Being Conned By Someone Other Than The Clairvoyant?

It appears a con is on. A second one. Well, you see, there's a clairvoyant woman in Scotland who has spent the last 30 years connin... er... building a clientele and some other con artist is attempting get in on the con... er.. I mean... umm.
Actually, the irony of this story is awfully fun.

In my opinion, her clients aren't only being conned by the outside party. She's also conning them and, because I'm sure she believes in her abilities, she's conning herself.
Three Cool Things
3) The monthly meet-up with the MN Skeptics is also cool, and this time a member who hasn't been to one in quite a while finally made it back. And that was really cool.

2) My wife clued me onto this comedy troupe called WomenComedy. It's all dudes, so I'm not sure how they came up with that name, but their videos are very funny and that's cool.
1) Facebook helped me solve a case of identifying a famous person at a ballgame. I took a few screen captures, so the quality wasn't the best. Despite the bigfoot level photo quality, the person was identified. Cool!

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