dimland radio 8-25-18 show notes

That's Not How You Promote A Game
The 2018/19 version of the constant futility that is the MN Vikings is now in its pre-season and the local news was making sure all their viewers would be tuning in. I'm reasonably sure the game was on that station.

Well, a Packer fan must have chosen the game footage of the Vikings at play. The video showed tight end Kyle Rudolph dropping a pass from three different angles. That wouldn't have been my choice. I would have gone with the Minneapolis (or Minnesota) Miracle play.

If the person wasn't a Packer fan, maybe they were just lowering expectations. 

Oh, Those Young People And Their Phones

A group of sorority sisters took in a ballgame in Arizona and they ended up getting a bit of the needle from the fellows in the booth. You see, the young women didn't seem as interested in the game as they were in their phone and taking selfies.
The needling was funny, however I found out later that it was unfair because the fans were asked to take selfies and to text them to the ballgame control room (or whatever you'd call it) and their pics might be shown in the park. I didn't know that bit when I recorded the show, so I'll do a follow up next week.
There was a call of juvenoia, that's what kids today call it when the old folks go on about kids today. Well, kids today need to understand that breaking out the needle is what we older folks are supposed to do every now and then.
I tell ya. Kids today.

Notice Anything About These Two Logos?

There's a couple family-owned car dealerships in the Twin Cities under the name Barnett. They produce television ads that feature the Barnett sons and their dad. The ads are silly and they poke fun at themselves. I think the ads are cute. Here's one.
Recently, the poster for the 1971 film Shaft popped up on my Facebook page. I noticed something about the title logo and the logo for Barnett. They are very similar. It was an odd choice, but I like it.
And if you saw the Barnett family, you'd see they make an odd pairing with the black private dick that's a sex machine with all the chicks.
A Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: Recognize This Man Who Was Elected President Four Times?
Does something look not right about the above meme? Without getting into the political claims made about this handsome young man from the days of yore, there's something wrong about this Franklin Delano Roosevelt piece. That's not FDR.
It's Franklin Delano Roosevelt Junior.
This is what the young FDR looking like.

It's Not True: Go Fund Me Account For Christhian Rivera

I have a couple pretty staunch Trump supporters as Facebook friends. One in particular, with whom I went to high school even, really likes to post items showing her support and her distrust of the "mainstream" media.
This past week she shared this...
Snopes, will you take this one for me? 

A Dimland Radio Science Zero: Jimmy Kimmel

Two time Dimland Radio Science Hero Jimmy Kimmel is now being declared a Science Zero for his show's "see how dumb Americans are" videos. There are two of these videos that I've spotted: One challenges people on the street to give the name of a book, any book. The other challenges other people on the street to identify a country, any country, on a map of the world.
Of course, they only show the few people they found who couldn't meet the challenges, except the map video does feature a young boy who identifies several countries. What bothers me about these videos is they are misleading. After all, if the audience was as ignorant as the people in the videos, the bit wouldn't be funny.
It also bugs me that others out in internet land will make these videos go viral by sharing them and declaring America is going to hell in a hand basket and many people hop right on the "we're doomed" bandwagon.
For those reasons, I declared Jimmy Kimmel a Dimland Radio Science Zero.
Who Said What About Who?

I read an interesting quote of praise about a surprising person by a surprising person. I was attempting to show how people aren't an easily categorized as we tend to make them.
Three Cool Things

1) There are a series of art books that feature the work of great comic book artists. There's a new one out with the work of John Byrne and I'd love to own it.

2) An art school friend of mine shared a picture of a brilliantly done illustration of dolphins. I was going to post it here, but it appears she took it down. You'll just talk to take my word about how cool it is.

3) My friend Douglas Arthur has finally posted his Assault of the 2-Headed Space Mules podcast featuring the colossal cover song quiz. It's a blast!

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Outside The Trains Don't Run On Time' by Gang Of Four & 'Under Pressure' by Queen
Second ad break bumpers: 'Take It Away' by Paul McCartney & 'Age Of Consent' by New Order
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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