dimland radio 1-5-19 show notes

Let's Check In On This...
It's not getting any funnier.
No, I'm not recycling a old blog. This is starting the same way as last week's because I decided to keep an eye on how well this, what looks like a piece of crap, is doing.
As of this writing, the movie has grossed worldwide $35.5 million. It cost an estimated $42 million to make. Hey, this misfire will probably make its money back! Can we hope for a sequel?

What Better Way To Start The New Year?

It was 5:30am on New Year's Day when I got the call from my dad. Mom had run out of a pain medicine she was taking (she wasn't following  the prescription and was taking an extra now and again) and she began to have withdrawal problems. Dad and I took her to the ER.
It was a short visit and Mom got set back on track with her medication. She's learned a valuable lesson. I hope.
Lowering Expectations?

I received an official Minnesota Vikings desktop calendar as part of our family's tradition of a dice game gift exchange. The calendar is 365 days of facts and trivia. Below is from January 1st:
Starting the year focusing on mediocrity. How Minnesota Vikings.
A Dimland Radio ARGH!: Is New York City Trying To Get Everyone To Hate It?


The TV tradition in America is to show the ball drop in New York's Times Square "live" as the new year comes in. The shows that broadcast TV offers (Fox and ABC) were the ones we looked at. We decided to stay with Fox. Neither offer us anything we really like, we just tuned in for the ball drop.
So, it dropped, "Happy New Year!" Then people start making out. Yuck. And our ears are graced with with the traditional singing of Auld Lang... Not so fast!
Nope. What song was played?
New York, New York!
Except, when preparing these show notes, I looked for video to back up my point. I found video of the moment. And I found that Auld Lang Syne was indeed played immediately after the new year came in. It was greatly truncated. But it played.

I'm still aggravated by the insertion of New York, New York. It interrupted the traditional song. Is there something wrong with letting the song play out, New York?

And I'm aggravated because I'll have to admit I was wrong on next week's show.
A Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: It's An Initialism, Smarty-pants!

Inspired by one of this week's Three Cool Things is a Pedantic Moment I had while watching a very funny clip from the UK's That Mitchell And Webb Look. It's a sketch comedy show that, from what I've seen of it, is awfully funny.
The sketch is called Grammar Nazi (at least on YouTube, it is) and it features a boss doling out swift retribution on his employees' errors in grammar. Except before he hands out his first harsh reaction, he makes a grammar error. He calls the abbreviation HHH an acronym. It's not. It's an initialism.
An acronym is an abbreviation of a multi-word title using the initials of each word in the title to spell out another word. For example: SCUBA or SNAFU. An intitialism follows the same setup, but the letters do not spell out a word. For example: FBI or KGB.
Some Grammar Nazi!

Three Cool Things

1) This cool thing is about my love of the British panel/game show. Not exactly a game show, but not the traditional panel show either. There's QI, Would I Lie To You?, 8 Out of 10 Cats, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, and a few others. My favorite of the shows is QI and my favorite of the panel guests is Dave Mitchell.

2) China just landed a probe on the far side of the moon. Sure, it could be a Communist invasion, but it's very cool!
Bonus Cool Thing: It's never cool when someone does, but a freaky coincidence can be damn cool. Mean Gene Okerlund, Daryl "The Captain" Dragon, and Bob "Super Dave Osborne" Einstein all died on January 2nd. I know that's three, but don't start with the celebrities dies in threes nonsense. Sometimes they happen to cluster into a set of three.

Anyway, the freaky coincidence with these three deaths is that they were all 76 years old when they died.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Only You' by Yaz & '(The) Unguarded Moment' by The Church
Second ad break bumpers: 'Time The Avenger' by Pretenders & 'Here It Is Tomorrow' by Game Theory
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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