dimland radio 1-4-20 show notes

Happy New Year!
I recapped my Pedantic Moment from the last show about whether or not we are in a new decade. Well, we are and we aren't. We are out of the 2010's and into the 2020's, but the second decade of the 21st century still has a year to go.
As far as I'm concerned either way you look at it is fine by me.
I also touched on New Year's resolutions.

Pedantic Moment: George Hrab Is Wrong

The awesome George Hrab.

George Hrab, host of the Geologic Podcast, was talking abut this whole decade thing. He was right when he asked, "Who gives a crap?"
However, when he said, "When you turn 30, you haven't finished your 30th year, but you say you are in your 30s," he was wrong. Think of it as a year of your life being a trip around the sun, which it is. When you are born you start your first trip, when you make it to your first birthday, you complete a trip around the sun and turn one year old.
So, when someone turns 30 they have completed their 30th trip around the sun. They have completed their 30th year.
Sorry, Geo, but you're wrong.

Cool Thing #1: MN Skeptics And TPT2
Back in August, I told my listener that a production crew from the local public television station, TPT2, came out to get video of a meet-up of the MN Skeptics. The MN Skeptics were to be a part of a series of short videos profiling local social groups. It's part of a series called Minnesota Niche.

Well, the fruits of their labors are available to be seen. Our group's profile is here.

The MN Skeptics aren't the only group profiled. There are several, but there is one group that is in strong contrast to us. The Twin Cities UFO Research Group might not want to book their next meet-up at the same place and time as our group. Although it would be interesting.
I addressed an assertion made about skeptics in the UFO group's profile. I gave some of the skeptics' reasons for reluctance in accepting visitation by some kind of alien species. But, hey, they could be right.
Cool Thing #2: Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise Of Skywalker

I took my wife and our son to see the final installment of the third trilogy of the Star Wars saga. I loved it! Especially when taken in context with the rest of the films. I think Disney should be commended for producing such an entertaining and enjoyable series.
I discovered a series of YouTube videos by CinemaWins. The videos list everything that is great about a given movie. The series is a counterbalance to the CinemaSins YouTube channel that makes videos listing everything wrong with a given movie.
I think CinemaWins' take on the Star Wars films is pretty good. It even has me rethinking my stance on the Prequels. Check out their take on one of the more controversial of the newer Star Wars films.
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