dimland radio 1-11-20 show notes

More Busy And Interesting Times 

It was a harrowing week. I didn't get my show prep as finalized as I normally do, so I was kind of winging it through the show. I did have bullet points, but not much else written down.

It was busy because a full time employee who cleans several properties was in the hospital with the flu. Get your flu shot! And the supervisor and I had lots of fill in work to do.

It was harrowing because my dad has been ill with an infection since Christmas and this week saw me doing a lot of visits. I had to get Dad to a doctor's appointment, convince him to use his damn cane, get groceries, do laundry. All while worrying these two 80-somethimngs aren't going to be able to stay in their house much longer.

Big decisions are gonna have to be made and soon.

Cool Thing: Minnesota Vikings Are In The Playoffs And... 

Photo: USA Today
They beat the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans in their first playoff game of 2020. It was very surprising, because even the most diehard fan believed a win there over such a tough opponent would be highly unlikely. But the Vikes did indeed rise to the occasion and beat dem Saints.
The following week was filled with speculation on how well the Vikes would fair against the San Francisco 49ers. Confidence on the part of the fans and local sports analysts began to soar as the week went on. The Saints were the toughest foe of this postseason and our boys beat them. They surely can beat the Niners. No problem!
Let me state the Dimland Radio Vikings/Fans/Analysts correlation:
The higher the confidence on the part of fans and analyst of a Vikings playoff victory, the greater the likelihood the Vikings will lose.
I predicted a Vikings loss to the Niners. (But I always predict the Vikings will lose, so this is no big deal.)
The game was played yesterday.
Oh, well. At least they won't lose the Super Bowl.

A Dimland Radio ARGH!
My ARGH! is the frequency of which I am smelling marijuana, pot, weed, or whatever the kids are calling it these days. I smell it when driving almost everyday. I smell it when shopping for groceries. I find it troubling.

I'm not a prude. I have had some experiences smoking the stuff, but it never did all that much for and I feel no desire to spark up.

But I had a request for pot users. A couple actually. One is to not drive under the influence, please. The other: Go with the edibles. I won't have to smell those.

Moms. Keeping Us Humble
I showed the Minnesota Niche video on the MN Skeptics meet up group to my parents. Dad seemed mildly impressed, but he was still sick so that may have tempered his reaction.

Mom, on the other hand...

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: Entre Nous & Limelight by Rush
Second ad break bumpers: Subdivisions & Tom Sawyer by Rush
Closing song: Angler's Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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