dimland radio 7-24-10 show notes

A new segment was introduced on this show...

It's Not True

It came to me a day or two before Saturday's show that I could do a segment dedicated to shedding light of urban legends and popular myths. It further came to me that I could use a song as an intro and outro for the new segment. That song is The Who's 'It's Not True'. It's an oldie but a goodie.

Now I realize that I had already been doing a bit of the exposing of things that aren't true, but now I have an official song. This doesn't mean that I'll do an 'It's Not True' every week, but we'll see.

The first two stories were from guests on late night TV talk show. One told a story as happening to him, the other told a story of something happening to a friend...

Those are my cookies

I forget the actor who told this tale on Late Night with David Letterman, but I do recall he was British. He told of how a stranger at the airport had shared the actor's recently purchased packet of cookies, without permission. Not a word was said to the stranger concerning his rudeness, which was explained away by the British not wanting to make waves.

Moments after the stranger's rude behavior had run out of cookies, the actor was called to board the plane. It was then that he discovered the packet of cookies he had bought were in the pocket of his coat. Whoop, whoop! It was he who had been rude and stole the stranger's cookies.

It's not true. Read about this urban legend here.

Elizabeth Banks' poop story

The next urban legend passed of as an interesting story on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (he's great) came from Elizabeth Banks. She was promoting her latest movie and told this story that happened to her friend...

Her friend meets a great guy at some club, the hit it off and head back to his place for a little... ahem. The next morning as he's leaving for work when he tells to make herself at home, have some breakfast, leave when she wants. She also doesn't need to worry about locking the door, because it will close and lock behind her.

So she takes her time and finds she needs to poop. She does. Then she finds that the poop won't flush, so she finds a plastic bag and scoops the log out of the toilet. She cleans up as best she can and then gathers her stuff (including the poop). She writes a note telling the fellow what a great time she had and leaves her phone number.

Out the door she heads. It closes and locks behind her. Bong! The bag of poop had been left on the counter next to her note! Oh no!

It's not true. Read about this urban legend here.

Science may discover how Ozzy Osbourne has survived

Notorious rock star Ozzy Osbourne is getting his genome mapped. Scientist aren't sure, but it's possible they may find out how Ozzy has managed not to die after all those years of drug and alcohol abuse.

Hayden discovers Indy

No not the Indy 500. I mean Indiana Jones. I related how my wife suggested that my son, Hayden, and I watch 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'. We did and it was a treat. Hayden had never seen it before.

One Nation Indivisible

I'm not so sure. I talked about the reaction I got on FaceBook when I posted simply, "One Nation Indivisible." My intend was to point out the same thing some atheists were doing with their billboards displaying the same message. Namely, including the phrase "under God" excludes those Americans that don't believe in the same god (or in god at all) as the majority of the rest of this country's citizens. That is hardly indivisible. That was my point.

The reaction I got, albeit small, was totally political. Two people had to go on brief anti-Sarah Palin attacks. This bothered me and I respond sarcastically that all the Republican presidents in this country's history were evil dividers. Starting with Lincoln, that dividing bastard. I wished for our country to have just one party, the Democrats. Then everything well be perfect.

On the show I told of how I used to be much more political a few years ago, but that I had wearied of the whole hating of the opposing party. I no longer want to be part of demonizing anyone regardless of political stripe.

Movie recommendation

This week I recommended the 2008 documentary, 'Witch Hunt'. It focuses on the dark period in law enforcement in this country where every neighborhood was teeming with Satanic child molesters. Many innocent parents did a good deal of prison time for nonexistent crimes. It took too long for clearer heads to realize the injustice and free those people. One man spent 20 years in prison.

This country needed a good amount of skepticism in those dark days. It was sorely lacking and innocent people paid the price.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ahead' by Wire
First ad break bumpers: 'We Got The Beat' by The Go-Gos & 'Broken Face’ by Pixies
Second ad break bumpers: 'Eye In The Sky' by The Alan Parsons Project & 'Jordan Minnesota' by Big Black
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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