dimland radio 11-29-14 show notes

Something That Does Bug Me

I really, really like Ken Burns' Baseball. I watch it frequently because it's streaming on Netflix. So, I've been rewatching it again as a tonic for there being no baseball. We're only through one month of the off season. Will it ever end?!

Anyway, during this latest rewatching, I was reminded to complain about how joyless and dower contributor Mario Cuomo is. Most all the other contributors give a sense of enjoyment when talking about the great game, but whenever Cuomo shows up (which is thankfully seldom) he just brings everything down.

The man is so doleful, how did he ever getting elected Governor of New York?

Rudy Giuliani: A Terrible Leader?

A Facebook friend who is a skeptic except when it comes to politics, then his liberal nature clouds his skepticism when it comes to Republicans, posted a link to some piece about Rudy Giuliani being accused as being a racist because he suggested black on black crime is a problem.

Well, maybe he is a racist, I don't know. My FB friend is certain, because Giuliani is a mean Republican. He stated he was glad Rudy didn't become president.

I responded on his post thus:

Yep. He would have been a terrible leader. Remember how awful he was in the aftermath of 9/11 when New York completely collapsed in hopelessness and despair and never got themselves together again? Gosh, it was awful the way he just disappeared and stopped being a leader. Why, I remember how he said, "Eh, not my problem. Let the Feds deal with it."

Remember how David Letterman, when The Late Show returned to the air after the attack, went on a long rant about how useless Giuliani was? Remember how Dave said he was able to continue the show because of his pure disgust with the mayor? Look it up on YouTube. It's priceless.

Yep, it's a damn good thing he never became president. America can do without that kind of leadership.

In case you aren't sure, I was being sarcastic.

Ferguson And Media Perception

I'm having a hard time understanding the violence in Ferguson. It doesn't make sense to me to attack businesses in your neighborhood that had nothing to do with Michael Brown's death. Mob mentality can get people to do things they never would do own their own. I've never been part of a mob.

Another Facebook friend shared a link to the Washington Post's illustrated timeline of the horrible incident which lead to Office Darren Wilson shooting Michael Brown to death. The timeline is helpful, but I think it has a couple moments in which the image suggests the more aggressive stance of Brown. The text states that there are conflicting eyewitness accounts, but the Post shows the more aggressive versions.

Check out the timeline here. What do you think?

Rosetta Mission: Science Works, But The Shirt Doesn't

The European Space Agency has achieved something very awesome. In their Rosetta Mission, they landed a probe on a comet speeding through the solar system 300 million miles away. How awesome is that?!

The craft had to travel for ten years logging in more than four BILLION miles in its travels to reach comet 67P. Then it soft landed the probe Philae on the surface of 67P.

This was able to be done because science works!

But, some people lost their composure because Matt Taylor project \scientist of the Rosetta Mission wore a shirt that put them off. They cried sexism, because the shirt had comic bookish illustrations of scantily dressed women. Taylor later tearfully apologized for his apparent thoughtlessness.

This whole incident sparked a discussion on the rampant sexism inherent in science, but is it rampant? Not being a scientist, I don't know.

Here are a couple points of view on this version of "shirtgate": first is Phil Plait the Bad Astronomer, second is CH Sommers the Factual Feminist. You can see what they have to say and let me know what you think. Email me at drdim@dimland.com or comment below.

Movie Recommendation: All Is Lost (2013)
I think this movie slipped by most of us last year and that's a shame, because it is so damn good. JC Chandor wrote and directed this film that features Robert Redford in one of his finest performances. Redford is the only character in the film. He plays a private sailor alone at sea when his boat is damage by a lost cargo container.

The film has virtually no dialog as it depicts "our man's" efforts to survive. Despite the lack of dialog, I was riveted to the screen. It is terrific! Five stars!

It's streaming on Netflix. Watch it now.
Music heard on the show...

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