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Catholic Clothing Vs Islamic Clothing

Both outfits seem weird to me.
I spotted this graphic (above) on the Facebook. I didn't think the person making the image was making a valid point. First off, both outfits are weird. But, then again, weird is in the eye of the beholder. Second, the Catholic group is made up of nuns who are wearing their habits because that is what they are required to wear as being nuns. The habit is a nun's uniform. It is not a requirement of all Catholic women, just nuns. 

The burkas worn by the second group are required to be worn by Muslim women, because they are women. I see that as being not entirely analogous with the nuns' situation.

I also mentioned that the Muslim women required to wear burkas might not see them as a hardship or degradation. They may believe it is a requirement of their faith and have no problem with it. Some might believe it takes their appearance out of the equation when dealing with men.

Still, both outfits seem weird to me.
Pedantic Moment

Pandora has been playing an ad for a money loaning company called Kabbage. They have a woman releasing a genie from a lamp and the genie offers to grant her a wish. She wishes for a business loan.

(Record needle scratch) A what?! A business loan?! She wishes for a business loan?!

What a crappy wisher.

A Dimland Radio Look At Sports
Quite a Superbowl game, eh? I talked a bit about how Seattle was able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. And I lamented the MN Vikings' woeful history of always losing Superbowls and that it's been 38 years since the Vikes have had an opportunity to lose another one.

And, apparently, Al Michaels has said that he believes the MN Twins' organization had added extra crowd noise in the Metrodome to help give the Twins an extra at home advantage in their 1987 World Series championship. Really, Al? Selling a book, are we?
Brian Williams May Have A Memory Problem

I posted on Facebook that I'm willing to give Brian Williams, NBC News anchor, the benefit of the doubt that his 12 year-old memory of the military copter he was on had taken enemy fire of rocket propelled grenades. He had been taken to task for his enhanced recollections and he issued an apology for getting it wrong. That apology may not be enough as Williams is still getting a lot of heat. Even from his predecessor, Tom Brokaw.

One thing we should all know is that memory is not video tape and is a very tricky thing. People have gone to prison due to witnesses having faulty memories of which they were absolutely certain. And I was able to go with Mr. Williams by his word. However, it has come to the public's attention that Williams appears to also have enhanced memories of his involvement in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The investigation continues.

A few links for this one...

Psychologist Elizabeth Loftus talks about false memories.

The Stripes and Stars story.

But this fellow says Williams' memory was mostly right.

An article from Skeptic on flashbulb memories.

An article comparing flashbulb memories and normal memories.

The Katrina memory problem article.
Also, bear in mind, those who are accusing Williams of making false memory claims are also going by their memories.
A False Memory Story From My Past
I told the story of an old office manager of mine putting himself into an event in which he really had no part. We had three DEA agents making their way into our place of business some years ago. They were searching one of the upstairs loft apartments for drugs and info on a dealer we had living there. We didn't know the guy was a dealer. And we didn't know they were DEA agents until a couple days later.

It was thought to be a break in and a police report was filed. One of my coworkers and I had seen the agents, but we didn't know they were agents, and we gave our report to the officer about the three men we had seen. The office manager never saw the fellows and couldn't stay around to watch us file our report.

For some time after that, when the office manger would tell our customers the story, somehow he became involved. He would state that he saw the three agents sneaking in and sidling up the stairs. Each time he did this, I would seethe with annoyance. But I wouldn't call him out in front of customers. I would just let it go.

Until, one day, he told the story to me!
Movie Recommendation: None This Week
You are on your own.
Music heard on the show...

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