dimland radio 2-10-18 show notes

There Was A Superbowl

And, as usual, it didn't involve the Minnesota Vikings. Sigh.
But there was a game and it was very entertaining. And the right team won. Sure, their fan base may have a higher percentage of assholes than most other fan bases, but let's not hold that against the team. Philadelphians now know something Minnesotans will never know:
What it's like to have a Superbowl champion team. 

A Few Observations About The Halftime Show

Jason Timberlodge was OK. He lip-synced well, despite the audio problems for the first half of the performance. He strutted well and had a few good dance moves. His tribute to Prince and Minneapolis lighting up purple was a nice touch. 
And there was no wardrobe malfunction. Unless you count the droopy drawers he wore.

Speaking Of Wardrobe Malfunctions

And I did speak of the infamous wardrobe malfunction. I connected it to Pres. Trump calling some African nations shitholes. I was trying to demonstrate how people on either side of the political/social spectrum react to controversies and how they tend to dismiss the other side's reaction.
During this segment I mentioned the funny supercut video of CNN folks saying "shithole." I find it absurdly humorous.
Pedantic Moments:  Fargo Series And A Pro Choice Post On Facebook

I did two this week, because I wanted to.
First up was from the television series Fargo season three. Early in that season's first episode there's a scene in a Mom & Pop grocery store. Behind the checkout counter can be seen several bottles of liquor for sale. Oh, gosh, no. Not in Minnie-sOH-ta. Doncha know.
The other had to do with this image posted to Facebook:
 Oh, boy. Abortion. Yikes.
Yep, I went into that topic. Well, not deeply. I talked a bit on each of the arguments for abortion with my pedantry focusing on #5. Everything? Think about it.

Top Three Cool Things Of The Week

Here's Three Cool Things from this week.

3) I got to hang out with an old friend I haven't seen in a year.

2) The drones display during the opening ceremony for this year's Winter Olympics. Way cool.

1) What else would be number one? SpaceX Falcon Heavy! SCIENCE!! YEAH!!!

Movie Recommendation: The Hammer (2007)

Adam Carolla stars and co-wrote this very funny and surprisingly romantic film about a 40 something underachiever getting a chance in the boxing world. It's funny and very entertaining with a cameo appearance by Jane Lynch. You can't go wrong with Jane Lynch. 

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Back In Flesh' by Wall Of Voodoo & 'Above It Now' by Figures
Second ad break bumpers: 'Sex Beat' by Urban Guerrillas & 'Electric Lash' by The Church
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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