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This is what 17 long years of married bliss looks like.

I started the show by explaining why there hasn't been a new show in two weeks. Well, I was sick that first missed week and I'm still coughing crap out of my lungs. Then the following Saturday (10-13) was my wedding anniversary, 35 year high school class reunion, and the one year anniversary of the death of my father-in-law. I'd say that was a big Saturday.
The baseball playoffs got in the way of my posting a bonus show for the second week of my absence.
But I'm back now!
And Did You Do Your Homework?

Way back on the September 22nd show, as part of the Three Cool Things segment, I gave a homework assignment to watch this short film by Adult Swim.
I hope you watched it, because I went on to spoil it and explain why I thought it was so cool. Go watch it now and you'll see. Here's a clue: It involves The Who and the greatest song ever recorded. 

A Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: Joe Pera Gets The Lyrics Wrong

OK, you watched the film? Good. Did you catch what they got wrong?
When Mr. Pera sings the beginning of the song (Baba O'Riley) for the priest who hadn't heard it, the congregation joins in. That's funny. But Joe sings. "Out here in the field, I fight for my meal." I had always heard that as "fields" and "meals." It was an ongoing, daily struggle the song's protagonist was singing about. However, it is difficult to hear if the words are plural. Daltrey isn't very clear on the studio version of the song, so as I recorded the show I wasn't certain. BUT! I found this live footage, filmed for the rockumentary The Kids Are Alright (1979), in which I think it's pretty clear that Roger uses the plural versions.
I was certain that Joe and Co got this other bit wrong. As the congregation joins Joe in singing along, they get to "I don't need to fight to prove I'm right," but they sing "I don't need to fight to prove that I'm right."

Hey! Whose Memory Is This Anyway?!

I told the tale of three DEA agents coming into the building in which I used to work to investigate a tenant. It was a mystery at first as to who ransacked the third floor apartment, but over the course of a few days the story was revealed.
Then someone else who worked at the shop, who wasn't involved in the story, began to tell the story as though he was involved. My reaction at the time was very negative, but I learned that memory is a tricky thing and that that person probably really remembered it the way he told the stories, despite his being wrong.
Of course, that's how I remember it.

It's Not True: The Rumor About The Tootsie Pop Wrapper

Memory comes into play again for this item.
A Facebook friend posted this image:
He asked, "Do they still do the if you find the Indian shooting the star you get a free one?"
I had never heard this rumor. What I remember from when I was a kid was we would always look for the "Indian" and get excited if he was on our wrapper. My wife remembers it was supposed to mean good luck. Neither of us remember there being an offer for a free Tootsie Pop if we redeemed a wrapper with that character on it.
I looked into it and it is a myth. Snopes.com and the Tootsie website both say there was never such an offer. Interestingly, Tootsie only mentions the "shooting star" and not the white kid dressed as a Native American. They probably wished to avoid any ethnic insensitivity. (I did say "Indian" quite a lot in the segment. I started to feel a bit uncomfortable when listening back. I meant no offense.) 
So, why does my friend remember getting free Tootsie Pops?
It may be that he remembers the rumor and over the years he's conjured memories of getting free suckers. Or, maybe a store in his neighborhood decided to play along with the rumor and gave away free suckers as a way of getting customers. The second explanation has strong merit as Snopes mentioned that is what some stores did, without Tootsie's sanctioning.
Memory is a tricky thing.

Three Cool Things
That's not linen draped around him.
It's his skin!
1) My friend Travis went on a trip to Europe and while visiting a church in Milan, Italy he took a few pictures of this statue of St. Bartholomew. It's fantastic sculpture that is incredibly gruesome. Listen to the segment for the gory detail and a bit of dark humor on the part of the Catholic church.
2) The above response to the "dairy is bad for you" claim is pretty cool. I wish had thought of it when a pharmacist suggested my drinking milk was what was causing my high blood pressure.
3) Rock 'n Roll High School (1979) is a pretty ridiculous, campy, low budget, schlocky movie that is a love letter to the Ramones. It may not be high art, but it does have the Ramones and some other really good music in it. And it has the Rock-O-Meter which displays the potency of certain rock bands. Please note which artist comes in just under the Ramones. Pretty cool.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'All That Jazz' by Echo & The Bunnymen & 'Your Autumn Days' by Figures
Second ad break bumpers: 'Celebrated Summer' by Husker Du & 'Here Comes Your Man' by Pixies
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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