dimland radio 10-21-17 show notes

The Reasons For No Show Last Week

After producing no shows through most of September and only doing one this month, I took another week off. I had planned to record a show early, but things didn't go as planned. I got sick and didn't feel up to recording a show early.
The reasons for recording on Wednesday include: Thursday was MN Skeptics meet-up night and I usually get back late, so I wouldn't record that night, but I didn't attend due to being sick anyway. Friday was my wife's and my 16th wedding anniversary, which was the main reason I wanted to record early. And Saturday there would be too much to do to record.
And there was something else that happened.
An Atheist Rant
Before I discussed the other significant event that happened in the past week or so, I went into a rant about how religious people have a way of rationalizing tragic events. They manage to both credit their god for positive events after a tragedy, while not blaming that god for allowing the tragedy to happen.
It's really something to behold.
This rant was prompted mainly by a news report about a survivor of the Vegas shooting and why the victim's father believed he survived being shot. God has a plan! Ugggh.
Stanley Green December 30, 1935 - October 13, 2017

Taken during his time in Vietnam.

My father-in-law died on Friday the 13th. Yes, Amy's and my anniversary. Timing is everything, but I choose to consider his death on that day makes it even more special.
I talk about my father-in-law, his last few years and months, and the time he ended his journey through life.

It's Just A Coincidence!

Shortly after my father-in-law died gravity caused a part of a light fixture just outside Dad's room to fall and break. I made certain to keep the family members present that it wasn't some kind of message.
Later on there was another odd coincidence.
It's just a coincidence!

Pedantic Moment: Call The Police First!

I recently watched the 1939 horror film The Return of Doctor X. It features Humphrey Bogart in his only role in that genre. It's interesting if a bit silly.
A newspaper reporter played by Wayne Morris lands an interview with a big time stage actress. When he arrives at her hotel room, he finds her dead. Does he call hotel management? Does he call the police?
Nope. He calls his editor and they put out an exclusive as an extra, which hits the streets before the police are even notified.
Things were different in the '30s, but not that different.
Another Pedantic Moment: Why Is Scotty Included Twice?

This image caught my eye. It was accompanied by a question. People were asked which of these characters they would want to be their chief engineer.
If you are familiar with Star Trek you might just ask the same question: Why is Scotty in there twice?
Top Three Cool Things Of The Week

Here are the Top Three Cool Things from this week.

3) I saw the trailer for the next Star Wars movie. It looks pretty damn cool!

2) Amy and I went to see My Favorite Murder live. It was very funny.

1) As of October 13, 2017, Amy and I have been married for 16 years.

Movie Recommendation: None

I ran out of time, so you are on your own this week.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'OK This Is The Pops' by Tones On Tail & 'Music For Boys' by The Suburbs
Second ad break bumpers: 'Empty Glass' by Pete Townshend & 'Here It Is Tomorrow' by Game Theory
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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