a moment of silence...please!

Just this past Saturday, May 8, I was watching Fox's baseball game of the week as I do each week. Baseball is my favorite game, so I try to catch as many games on TV as I can. Not having cable means there aren't that many games for me to watch.

Fox's Joe Buck & Tim McCarver

Fox's A team for covering the games is Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. I think Joe is ok, but a little McCarver goes a long way. I'm not sure what it is about him, but McCarver tends to get on my nerves. Is it the accent? I don't think so. It's probably the inanity.

As it happens, during that week leading up to Saturday's game, baseball lost two of its greats. Ernie Harwell and Robin Roberts. I won't pretend to be an expert on these two fellows, all I know is what I heard said about them when the news of their deaths was being reported.

Ernie Harwell

Robin Roberts

In a show of respect, Fox Sports did something wonderful. They had Joe and Tim observe a moment of silence. A long moment of silence. Not the usual 20 seconds or so. No, this moment of silence lasted a good two minutes or more.

Joe and Tim simply shut up. The game continued. I could hear the crowd. I could hear the umpire calling balls and strikes. I could hear the ball hit the catcher's mitt, the bat make contact, the breeze. And was that a plane in the distance?

It was glorious.

I understand the need for announcers. They help to clarify a play or a call. They can let you know what kind of pitch had just been thrown. They can keep you informed as to injuries and what's going on around the league.

But, can't they just, for a minute or two each inning, shut their damn traps?! Give us a little peace. Let's us take in the game as though we were actually there.

What do you say, Fox Sports? Give us a moment of silence each inning. That's not too much to ask, is it?

And while your at it, drop the stupid sounds of the game and interviews with the managers during the game. I don't need to know.


I just reread this post. I noticed something that could be considered ironic in my last statement, or at least a contradiction. I just finish saying how great it was to hear the sounds of the game, because the announcers had shut their yappers, then I ask Fox to dump the sounds of the game.

Allow me to clarify. When I refer to "sounds of the game" there, I'm referring to Fox's gimmick of putting a microphone on a select player, so we can hear what he says during the game. It's never anything very insightful. It's completely unnecessary. I wish Fox would knock it off and let me enjoy the other sounds of the game.

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