dimland radio 8-16-14 show notes

More On The McCartney Show
There was one story I didn't get a chance to relate on last week's show about the Paul McCartney concert. The following morning my dad called to hear how the show went and to tell me that my mom had spotted Amy, Hayden, and I in a picture of the concert going crowd that was in the Sunday paper.
Well, it wasn't us. Sort of looked like use, except the dude's hair was longer, his bread was thicker, he wasn't wearing glasses, and he was wearing a light colored polo shirt. But other than that he looked just like me.
I also talked about my wearing all black and not wearing shirts with logos. And how a teenage girl got hot by just looking at me. No, not that kind of hot.
Robin Williams
I talked about learning of Robin Williams' death by suicide. I talked about depression and how I'm thankful I don't know how Mr. Williams felt. Not to be crass and unfeeling, but to underline that depression is a terrible disease and that those of us who don't suffer from severe depression just can't know what it feels like when death seems to be the best option.
And I talked about some of his films. In particular, I talked about the much maligned 'Popeye' by Robert Altman. I like 'Popeye'! I liked it when I saw it and I still like it. I think Altman captured the essence of the early Max Fleischer cartoons.

I suggested that those of my listener who haven't seen 'Popeye', that they watch a few of those old cartoons to get an idea of what to expect.
Here are a few examples:

Of Course, There's Always The One...
Atheist, skeptic, and professional outrage merchant, PZ Myers felt it necessary to use Williams' death as an opportunity to rip politicians and the news media. He and Rush Limbaugh must be getting used to the taste of their own feet.
Other atheists and skeptics have addressed PZ's latest outrage...

People Driving Stupidly
The other day, all within a span of five minutes, I had three separate drivers do something stupid while driving near me. No, I didn't cause them to drive stupidly.

A few weeks ago, two drivers took advantage of myself and another driver's politeness. What is with people?
Trifexis, A Dog Killer?
Well, some pet owners seem to think so. They offer no empirical evidence other than post hoc reasoning. No, connection has been established between Trifexis and dog deaths, but that doesn't mean these owners will stop blaming it. It also doesn't mean Trifexis is off the hook. The FDA continues to investigate.
I cautioned against just relying on what pet owners have said in this case. The news media must be careful about over emphasizing the anecdotes of bereaved pet owners.
Movie Recommendation: Any Robin Williams Film You Want
There are loads of them. From the excellent: The Fisher King, Good Will Hunting, World's Greatest Dad. To the good: Awakenings, Good Morning, Vietnam.  To the unusual: The World According to Garp, Popeye, Hook, Jumanji. To the disturbing: Insomnia, One Hour Photo. To the overrated: Mrs. Doubtfire. And to the downright crap: Patch Adams, Toys.
He gave his all to all of them.
Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus
First ad break bumpers: 'Know Your Rights' by The Clash & 'Kerosene' by Big Black
Second ad break bumpers: 'King Of The Hill' by The Minutemen & 'The KKK Took My Baby Away' by Ramones
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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