dimland radio 8-23-14 show notes

Ice And Buckets And Challenges
I would have to guess it is safe to say the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is one of the most successful viral campaigns since the swine flu. It seems as though everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.
The campaign has been wildly successful in raising awareness and, especially, money. Lots and lots more money than the ALS Association normally takes in through charity.
I talked about Lou Gehrig being the one person to first make the public at large aware of this awful disease. After all, that's why it's called Lou Gehrig's disease. I should note I got the number of consecutive starts Gehrig made during his legendary streak. I was off by one game. It was 2130, not 2131.
I sneaked in a little political talk by mentioning that Pres. George W bush, who has taken the challenge, got more hateful venom thrown it him by comparing his taking the challenge to waterboarding. My, but some people on the Left really love having someone to hate so much, aren't they?
It's Not True: Teen Dies In Ice Bucket Stunt
An article from Huzlers.com was that shared on Facebook alleges that a teenage boy was killed instantly when an ice bucket challenge went wrong. The video in the article is real, but the story is fake. The kid didn't die.
Huzlers.com is a internet tabloid site preying on the gullibility of internet surfers. I dissected the piece to demonstrate how to determine the validity of such articles.
This fake news item was number three in the Washington Posts' weekly roundup of fake news on the internet.
Haters Gonna Be Talked To As If They Are Five Year-olds
I took a slight detour from the ice bucket talk to bring your attention just how much I hate the phrases: "Haters gonna hate" or "My bad."

What are we back in kindergarten?!
And when did disagreeing with someone come to mean that you hate that someone? It is quite possible to hold a different opinion from another person and not have it mean that you hate that person.
I also talked about how orgasmic Pres. Obama makes so many of my Facebook friends. But, if I say more, I'll be accused of being a hater.

Everyone Seems To Be Dumping Ice Water Over Their Heads..
Including...Me! Yep, Glen Ferguson, fellow ZTalker and host of a show called Canadian X Talk Radio, which is on the same station my show Dimland Radio, called me out to take the challenge. I did, but I did it my way.
This Whole Israel/Gaza/Hamas Thing Is Messed Up
Then, I talked about something I have so mush experience in dealing with (actually I'm lying here): Foreign Policy!

I waded out into the Israel/Gaza/Hamas quagmire. I tend to side with Israel, or, at least, I somewhat understand the position Hamas has put them in: Israel defends itself and kills innocent civilians that Hamas uses as human shields and the world condemns Israel?
There are others who have a take on this. Pat Condell, who is very outspoken and not sympathetic to the Islamic world, has several videos on Hamas and Israel (here, here, and here). Sam Harris, noted atheist, has written a piece more critical of Hamas (here). And President Bill Clinton believes Hamas is employing a "crass strategy" to sully Israel's image to the rest of the world (here).
Movie Recommendation: None
You're on your own this week.
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