dimland radio 1-14-17 show notes

Someone Else Likes Bunts?!

At the most recent meet-up of the Minnesota Skeptics, I discovered there is someone other than the late NY Governor Mario Cuomo who likes the bunt in baseball. Yeesh. There's always someone.

I explained that it's not the bunt itself he likes. It's when the bunt is part of a more exciting play, such as a batter trying to get a hit with a bunt or when the bunt is part of a squeeze (safety or suicide) play. Just a run of the mill bunt to move a runner into scoring position isn't anything to get all excited about.

And, because it's the middle of winter and I need some baseball, here's why it's the greatest game ever!

Why I Hate The New York Yankees

In honor of that MN Skeptic and for all those listeners who are new to Dimland Radio now that it is on iTunes (please, subscribe), I broke out my rant about a revelation I had on why I hate the Yankees.
I blogged about it a few years ago. Click here for the written rant.

Brock And Bowdy Shoff And Conspiracy Theorists

Social and news media got rather excited over a video of a two year-old toddler named Bowdy rescuing his twin brother. People Magazine characterized it by saying "Bowdy sprang into action" to save Brock. Well, if you think allowing your brother to struggle under the corner of a fallen dresser while you, at first, half-heartedly give the dresser a push; examine an electronic device that had fallen and come unplugged; crawl over the fallen dresser; then, after a minute and half has passed, try to lift the dresser; and, finally, give it a better push moving the dresser enough for your brother to roll out is springing into action, then I guess that's what Bowdy did. Still, it's impressive what that toddler was able to do.

He had a little help. Their father indicated that God helped, but, actually, a rubber ball was also under the fallen dresser. The ball, about 10" in diameter, held some of the weight of the dresser and helped Bowdy to be able to get it to move. That is when he finally got around to it. And, if God was so determined to help keep Brock alive and unharmed, why did he allow the dresser to fall in the first place? I know - mysterious ways.

Brock didn't seem any worse for wear after being freed and it appears he goes back to playing as the video clip comes to an end.
On the show, I linked all this to how conspiracy theorists examine events so very closely that they spot what the think are anomalies. They then use those perceived anomalies as proof that a conspiracy is afoot. There have been calls of fake and hoax as negative reactions to this story.
The conspiracy theorists (not skeptics as they are referred to in the link) question the positioning of the nanny cam, the fact the dresser was empty, and that the father works for a company that sells nanny cams. They think this whole video is an attempt to get people to buy nanny cams.
Well, I countered those points with a little reason. The camera was positioned to get the widest view of the room, the dresser could have been empty because it was new, and the nanny cam wasn't really useful. It merely documented the event.
I don't believe this to be anything more than an accident. I don't believe the Shoff twins' parents could be that cold and uncaring, risking their sons' lives in order to sell more nanny cams. Call me naive.
Now if the father worked for a company that makes devises meant to anchor furniture to the wall to prevent such accidents, then I'd...probably still think it was an accident.

You Just Can't Please Some People
YouTubers Red Letter Media just can't ever be pleased. Well, other than with themselves.
I have referred to these guys before on the show. They produced a series of videos explaining why the Star Wars prequels (Episodes 1 - 3), especially The Phantom Menace, didn't work on virtually every level. I thought they made valid points in their observations. They also had some weird, dark character stuff meant as comedy for some reason.
When it came to Rogue One, which they thought was half OK, these fellows were upset that there was Star Wars stuff in a Star Wars movie. No shit, boys!
Oh, well. Art is subjective and people will like what they like and hate what they hate and eh what they eh, I guess.
What do these guys want?!
I imagined them going back in time while still at their present age and attitude, having never seen any Star Wars film, to watch the very first episode. They might have had problems with it.

To be fair, they did like The Force Awakens.

So, what did I think of Rogue One?

Movie Recommendation: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

I really liked it! It's a little slow at first, but it does get moving with excellent action. It's tone is darker and some of the characters are pretty complicated and moody. You'll understand that when you see what one of them has to do to help the rebellion. And it makes sense to have that darker tone. This is, after all, the story of how the rebels were able to get the plans for the Death Star.
I know of three people who are saying this might be their favorite Star Wars movie. And those three aren't the Red Letter Media dudes.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'One Day' by The Church & 'Outside The Trains Don't Run On Time' by Gang of Four
Second ad break bumpers: 'Nocturnal Me' by Echo & the Bunnymen & 'Independence Day' by Urban Guerrillas
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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